August 26, 2010

“fertility Christianity: “Sowing the Wind and Reaping the Whirlwind”

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Post on discrimination, tax exempt organizations and “fertility Christianity” from the newsletter of the “Freedom for Christian Women Coalition” LINK

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  1. freemenow said,

    Any religion the uses or abuses a human being is not doing God’s work! Jesus showed us many examples but the clearest is seen in Mary, Martha and Lazarus. These were perfect examples of the equality between the sexes and a clear display that Jesus never expected there to be men’s work and women’s work. Read his words and understand two sisters one was to minister in the food preperation and the other to learn from him then minister ub his work. All three saved equally at the raising of Lazarus from the dead. Read it again- Oh yea of little faith – and see what was right before your eyes !

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