September 30, 2010

Quiverfull hits Oprah’s discussion boards

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Candidate Dan Webster (aka “Taliban Dan”) & IBLP LINKS

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Links to the fall-out over Florida candidate Dan Webster and his association with the Institute of Basic Life Principles and Bill Gothard and his opponent’s “Taliban Dan” ad.

Inside the Institute for Basic Life Principles: The Organization that Inspired Taliban Dan Ad LINK

AlterNet post Grayson’s …Opponent tied to Biblical Stoning LINK

American Sharia [Blog Post] LINK

Blog post @ Suburban Guerrila  LINK

CBS News : Taliban Dan ad…. LINK

Christian Science Monitor LINK

Dear Jon Stewart: Yes, Dan Webster Really IS That Extreme! LINK

An Embarrassment of Embarrassing Riches LINK

Grayson gets pushback for Taliban Dan LINK

Grayson Lowered the Bar [blog post]  LINK

Grayson Went too Far [blog post] LINK Grayson Criticized for recent attack ads LINK

Republican Wants to Revive Stoning LINK

The Submission Controversy LINK

Webster not a Victim [Blog post] LINK

What Webster’s Wife Can’t Say but Other Women Can and Do! LINK

September 23, 2010

No Longer Quivering on American Public Media

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Vyckie from No Longer Quivering was recently interviewed on “The Story” on American Public Media. You can hear the interview HERE.