March 31, 2011

“Churched” author on what fundamentalism leaves behind

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“Churched” author, Matthew Paul Turner, writes more about his Independent Fundamentalist Baptist upbringing and it’s residue in a new blog post “What Christian Fundamentalism Leaves Behind.”

Interview with Jim-Bob and Michelle Duggar

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Video Friday Five has video of an interview with Jim-Bob and Michelle Duggar.

The Romanian-Canadian and Ukrainian-American “Duggars”

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While this is not a new article (2008) it does show Quiverfull is more than an American movement. Canada’s Ionce family had 18 children at the time of publication in 2008 LINK.

Also in California the Chernenko family had 17 children in 2005. LINK. At that time they were billed as “the largest family in America.” Now surpassed, of course, by the Duggars and Bates.

March 30, 2011

Umbrella of Authority Coloring Book

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Here is a LINK to a printable coloring book on the umbrella of authority idea promoted by Bill Gothard.

The Truth About Victoriana

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A blog that appears to no longer be updated, discusses the “truth” about Christianity in the Victorian era–an era idolized in some Christian circles today.  Link to Blog.

Ken Ham Stomps GHC in recent poll

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Blogger Bible-Science Guy reports on a poll showing Ken Ham way out in front of the Great Homeschool Convention in a recent poll.

End of the Season re-cap for “19 Kids and Counting”

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Last night was the season finale. Here the recap. No courtships. No new babies [beyond the one Josh and Anna announced a while back]. There is., however, a tie-in with Vision Forum’s new George Washington Carver documentary.

March 28, 2011

Even More Courtship Stories

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Blogger Young Ladies Christian Fellowship provides an INDEX TO COURTSHIP STORIES.  Lots of positive courtship stories.

A Courtship Story

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Blogger “Permission to Live” tells her own courtship story:

Part I

Part II

Part III

Part IV

Part V


A Teen’s Letter to the Botkin Sisters

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A teen blogger chooses to write about the patriarchy, and has posted a letter to Anna Sophia and Elizabeth Botkin.    Her blog discusses other areas of the patriarchy and has a nice blogroll.

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