April 13, 2011

KJV Bible as the ONLY homeschool resource?

Posted in Uncategorized at 9:52 pm by hopewellslibraryoflife

The homeschooling Mom at BiblicalScholarship.net claims all teaching must come from the Bible. While this is a simplified account of her lengthy discussion, her blog makes such claims as “Before Hannah was 6.5 years old, I knew that her schooling was essentially complete (Year 2 of formal school). Subsequent years have proven this to be true.”  OR For us, homeschooling is a vehicle by which to teach the scriptures. Our school is not child-centered, it is Bible centered.” She claims the Bible teaches that the sun moves around the Earth, evolution is a hoax. She does bring in some outside materials, but ties everything back to the Bible–much more so and in far more unique ways than any commercial Christian curriculum.

While this blog represents an extreme, a radical Bible-based education,  it is appropriate since so many parents look to the Bible as the cornerstone of their teaching.


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