May 2, 2011

Vision Forum helps tornado victims UPDATED

Posted in Quiverfull, Quiverfull Movement tagged at 5:00 pm by hopewellslibraryoflife

Blogger “Berean Wife,” posts about Vision Forum’s efforts to help homeschoolers hurt by the tornados. She asked me to remove the link so I did. I was trying to show something positive from Vision Forum.



  1. Berean Wife said,

    I would like for you to remove this link to my website. Why in the world would someone attack grieving families in such a hateful way? Thankfully, I do not see on here a claim to being a Christian and I’m relieved. I know the three families that lost their homes and the one family who lost their home and the father. You have linked to my website in order to get folks innocently to come over here to read your attacks on them.

    The families that were affected by the Alabama tornado are wonderful godly families who are sharing what little they have with each other; from sharing the basement during the storm with three other families to sharing the little bit of donations with others. Vision Forum arrived here to help because honestly Alabama is overwhelmed. It was not until days later when the rest of Alabama began to hear about damage beyond Tuscaloosa, B’ham and Cullman. Those of us in small towns were on our own with only volunteer firefighters and our neighbors.

    If your behavior is the result of being “free from being quiverful” than I want no part of it nor would I wish your bitterness on anyone else. Even in this trying time with no home, no clothes, no cars, one family even missing the father, and nothing but each other and their Christian friends those large families are much more joyful and concerned for others than you are.

    If the appeal as a Christian does not work at least the appeal as a fellow American should encourage you to show compassion on those who hurt yet thankfully are more blessed than you. They have love, Christian friends, support, family and a Loving Heavenly Father.
    I pity you and hope the Lord will remove the scales from your eyes before you are faced with judgment day.

    Get a Life. Eternal Life.

    John 3:36 ESV Whoever believes in the Son has eternal life; whoever does not obey the Son shall not see life, but the wrath of God remains on him.

    Berean Wife

    • hopewellmomschoolagain said,

      Good grief! All I did was link to something telling of something GOOD. Can’t imagine what harm that did. But yes, I will remove the link so that no one here will see some GOOD done.

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