May 17, 2011

IFB rape trial

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1997 case goes to trial. LINK to news story.

Duggars attend “Courageous” premier

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Link to story–the Duggars were extras in this movie.

An additional story LINK.

May 16, 2011

Meg Mosley and Quiverfull

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Christian Century profiles author Meg Mosley and the Quiverfull movement featured in her new novel, “When Sparrows Fall.” LINK.

Chatting with the Duggars–2 links

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Link to story and video.

Another link related to the launch of the Duggar’s 2nd book.

May 12, 2011

ABC: Dan Harris Wild Ride With the Duggars

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Link to video.

Link to CBN-TV videos on the Duggar Family

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CB-TV, the “700 Club” network has many videos of the Duggars in their archive. Here is a link.

May 10, 2011

Steve Maxwell family now teaching online IT courses

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Their new venture, is a distance-learning, mentor guided, career facilitating organization. Skill transfer is accomplished by textbooks, video-conferences, and collaborative web forums. ITonRamp is designed to appeal to home-educators, while welcoming all.” Steve Maxwell, a regular on the Chrisitan homeschool circuit, and his son Nathan are offering this venue for learning IT skills.

The learning environment takes into consideration the strict gender segregation required by many Quiverfull parents.  The site says: “At this point we anticipate the mentors to be men. To enable propriety and no possibility of defrauding, direct phone conversations will be from a person of the same gender. Therefore, if there are ladies in a track, the phone call to them will be via a female mentor assistant. The mentor assistant will not have the technical experience that the mentor has, but she will provide the one-on-one personal encouragement that the mentor would have provided.”

The two “tracks” are home computers and A+ Certification preparation. The courses are designed to be both affordable and appropriate to young people coming from Quiverfull-minded homes. From the site:

  • ITonRamp allows the student to focus all his time and energy on his end goal without having to take peripheral courses.
  • ITonRamp is focused on practical, vocational skills as opposed to earning a diploma.
  • ITonRamp avoids the humanistic, evolutionistic, ungodly biases of most colleges.
  • ITonRamp is accomplished in a home-learning environment making it more convenient and cost effective than college. Plus students will avoid the negative influences inherently found on a college campus.”

Those interested can access the site at .

May 9, 2011

Mother’s Day tribute to Kelly Bates

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LINK–includes video.

More IFB demonized?, Jack Hyles mentioned

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Are ALL IFB Churches bad? This post at Brevia Reading Room discusses why/how moral failings are tolerated or covered up in the IFB. LINK.

Breaking their Will

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Interview with author/NPR reporter Janet Heimlich on religion, child abuse and religion and parenting.  Link HERE . This is a well-balanced presentation.

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