July 8, 2011

Duggars advise Octomom

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Link includes video from Today Show.



  1. Carol the long winded said,

    How could the Duggars possibly have anything useful to say to her? They buddy the older kids to the younger kids – they didn’t have 8 that were all the same age. Talking to a nursery school teacher might be better.

    • hopewellmomschoolagain said,

      I think this was more of a PR thing than real advise. Your point is a good one. Still, their advice on consistency, routine etc, does seem to be needed in Octomom’s family–at least to my eyes. I am leaving your comment for others so they, too, can see the difference in the challenges faced by the respective parents.

  2. roddma said,

    Is it me but I feel in all octomom’s craziness she interacts with her kids more than Michelle. You will never see Michelle take the bottom kids on an outing by herself. On a recent episode Michelle was seen holding Jordyn which could have been a response to critics.

    • hopewellmomschoolagain said,

      I think in both cases we don’t see the real picture–only what we are given on tv. I think neither set of kids is getting the parenting, love, affection or attention they deserve, but the Duggar kids at least have decent older siblings and camera crew. Octomom’s kids …… maybe they will get some attention at school.

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