July 15, 2011

Are the Duggars simply mass producing children?

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Libby Anne looks at mass producing children in her new blog post at Love Joy Feminism.


This blog has been added to the Ex Quiverfull page and will go on the Daughter page when I have more time.

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  1. Fed Up said,

    If these people were able to clone, they would probably enter a contest to see who can clone the most kids over a lifetime. The Duggars disgust me. What are they trying to prove? Normal people recognize that Earth is overpopulated and that we, as the human animals, have a group responsibility to control our reproduction. Bible passages can be construed to justify more than just having many children. They can be construed to support slavery, etc. There ought to be taxes imposed on families who have more than two children. Rather than child tax CREDITS, have reproduction taxes.

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