August 3, 2011

Christians & abusive parenting: Several good articles

Posted in Uncategorized at 4:54 pm by hopewellslibraryoflife

The new blog I mentioned in the previous post has links to some articles on Christians and abusive parenting. The links are below or you can read her entire post HERE.

“Christian Families on the Edge: Authoritarianism and Isolationism Among Us”by Rachel D. Ramer for the Christian Research Institute.

Solving the Crisis in Homeschooling:Exposing the 7 major blind spots of homeschoolers

Provides a good discussion of why so many kids leave at 18 and reject their parents beliefs.

“That Mom” (aka Karen Campbell) on Sweetness Comes Through Godly Wisdom, Part Two of thatmom’s presentation.

Child Abuse in the Name of Jesus Also from “That Mom”

TulipGirl on Heartbroken. Angry. Again (She also writes about Ezzo)

Quiet Garden on Why Parenting Kills–What Can We Do?


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