August 3, 2011

New blog: Come, Weary Moms! Quiverfull minus legalism

Posted in Quiverfull, Quiverfull Movement at 4:42 pm by hopewellslibraryoflife

I’d call this Quiverfull without the Legalism… The author says “Unfortunately, I see how often legalism and rigid authority structures have damaged families and churches. ” Her current post, on her history as a homeschooling, Quiverfull-minded mom” who has known the Botkins shows how she has tried to move from legalism to grace-based living and parenting.

Come, Weary Moms! Blog link



  1. Thank you for linking to my blog. I have created a new blog called Watch the Shepherd about spiritual and emotional abuse in churches, organizations and families. You can find it at

    • hopewellmomschoolagain said,

      Thank you –I will add that one too.

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