October 11, 2011

Jason Duggar badly hurt in freak accident

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Link to video–this happened while they were filming the current season. The episode airs tonight on TLC.

Link to Ray Comfort video after the accident.



  1. Chris said,

    So some people complained about the duggars filming jason’s accident.
    If they didn’t people would make up all kind of goofy theories, on what happened. This way at least people would know the truth.
    Plus, he was awake and not in immediate danger.
    Plus, those of you who are flawless in an emergency throw the first stone. I know what that’s life I had four children who have each faced some kind of emergencies. It’s very hard to think cleary when you face something like that. So get off thier backs!

  2. Bob Dillon said,

    And Michelle Duggar wasn’t filming, she was using a flashlight app on her iphone to shine some light on his face and she was smiling to reassure him so he wouldn’t freak out.

  3. […] Jason Duggar badly hurt in freak accident – A Quiver Full of Information […]

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