July 8, 2013

Duggars to speak today in Texas Pro-Life Rally

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  1. Mary said,

    Maybe I’m missing something here but what is seems like to me is that these people albeit are pro-life, are more concerned with their bottom line. It seems that they are to an extent (very small mind you)okay with the abortion so long as it doesn’t come out of their pocket. On that note, is tax payer abortion a state by state thing? Is it new? I know a few people that had abortions as young stupid teens and had to pay for it themselves. There was not free abortion. That said it was over 12-15 years ago and in Ca. Can someone clarify this for me? Also I have parents that are FOX NEWS junkies so I try not to listen to too much of this and am on the complete opposite side of the FOX NEWS fence as it were.

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