Bill Gothard, ATI & IBLP, ALERT etc

Although I am not providing links to them, YouTube has many videos on ALERT and other Gothard ministries. For ALERT search the phrase ALERT Big Sandy and you  should find a report from CBN and other videos.

Advance Training Institute International official web page of  Bill Gothard’s umbrella organization

Analyzing Bill Gothard’s Basic Seminar Textbook.

Basic conflicts: an open letter to Bill Gothard, by: Joseph Bayly,  Eternity,  28 Jun 1977, pp. 60-62.

Basic Life Priniciples of Bill Gothard: Benevolent Ministry or Bondage Maker? by G. Richard Fisher

Bill Gothard/IBLP from Apologetics Index who consider this to be a “Christian Cult.”  Scroll way down for the text.

Bill Gothard official site

Bill Gothard: General Teachings and Activities by Biblical Discernment Ministries–includes a bibliography

Bill Gothard’s Evangelical Talmud Part I by Don Veinot and Ron Henzel

Bill Gothard’s Evangelical Talmud Part II: Chain of Authority by Ron Henzel

Bill Gothard’s Evangelical Talmud: Part III Gothard and the Law by Ron Henzel

Bill Gothard’s Evangelical Talmud Part IV: ..Mystical Approach to Medical Issues by Marty Butz

Bill Gothard’s Institute, Christianity Today, 17 no 17 My 25 1973, p 44-45. [One of the earliest articles on Gothard.]

Bill Gothard’s Mystical Approach to Medical Issues

Dangerous Leanings of Bill Gothard’s Teachings by G. Richard Fisher

Dark Secrets (WTHR’s award winning documentary on the ATI Indianapolis Training Center)

Dominionism and Child Abuse multi part discussion–parts are linked in the article

An Evening With Bill Gothard Midwest Christian Outreach

Freedom From Abuse Network “Freedom from emotional, spiritual, sexual & physical abuse from within the Independent Fundamentalist Baptist (IFB) churches, christian schools, group homes and colleges.” Also includes Bill Gothard’s organization.

Gentle Christian Mothers and online community has discussion threads on Gothard’s teachings.

The Gothard Institutes by George F. Lee, Sr. Theological Educator: A Journal of Theology and Ministry, no. 28,  Spring 1984, pp. 4-8.

Independent Spirtis: Freedom from the Umbrella of Deception web site for survivors or ex-ATI/IBLP members.

How basic the conflict?: an open letter from Bill Gothard, by Joseph Bayly,  Eternity,  28, Aug 1977, pp. 41-43.

Is Anything Wrong With Bill Gothard’s Teachings? by G.R. Fisher, Journal of Pastoral Practice 7:35-45 no. 2 1984.

Institute of Basic Life Principals official page of Bill Gothard’s famous seminars

A Matter of Basic Principles by Don Veinot  Book examining Gothard’s teachings for Biblical accuracy & false teaching and abusive spiritual authority.

Meeting Him in the Wilderness by Lois Olson [book] includes description of her husband’s [positive] reaction to the IBLP Basic Seminar. Exerpted on Google Books or available used.

Peering Underneath the Umbrella: Musings on Gothardism Author grew up in ATI family, writes on ATI-related topics from time-to-time.

ORU Saved article about David Green of Hobby Lobby ties with Gothard & comment on his possible ownership of the ATI Big Sandy location.

Institute for  Biblical &  Scientific Studies: Bill Gothard

Pros and Cons of Bill Gothard by Wilfred Bockleman, Christian Century, 91 no 32 S 25 1974, p 877-880 [One of the earliest articles on Gothard.]

Quiverfull Movement and Bill Gothard

Robin’s Readings and Reflections critical review of Bill Gothard & ATI

Worldly Evangelicals by Richard Quebedeaux [book] (out-of-print, but available used)


Other blogs:

My Father’s Sheep blog on homeschooling using ATI’s wisdom booklets

X-ATI Girl’s Blog Survivor blog that discusses what girls learned.

X-Ati Guy [blog] funny, sadly not being updated much anymore.


Other blogs:

Angie the Anti-Theist courtship posts

The Jow Chronicles young man working for ATI/IBLP

Other Ex-/Survivor resources are on the EX-Quiverfull etc Page

OTHER—Academic Journals

Ritual Language in Everyday Life: The Christian RightAuthor(s): Anna MeigsSource: Journal of the American Academy of Religion, Vol. 63, No. 1 (Spring, 1995), pp. 85-103Published by: Oxford University Press

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