August 6, 2012

Jack Schaap’s teachings called “preverted”

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Link to  discussion of book by Jack Schaap

NOTE: The material linked here uses a sexual theme in a manner that will make many people very uncomfortable. However, this,  book was published by Dr. Jack Schaap.

This blog strives to be “opinion-neutral,” but I felt it necessary to add this warning.

Odd clip from Jack Schaap’s famous “Polished Shaft” Sermon

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link to video

The continuing Jack Schaap story

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Newer links on the Jack Schaap firing:

Call it what it is–abuse not adultery

Independent Fundamentalist Baptists….you need to read this

Schaap …investigation continues

August 2, 2012

More on Jack Schaap firing

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Link to blog post at No Longer Quivering

Link to blog post at Wartburg Watch

Link to blog post at Under Much Grace

Link to blog post at Emotional Abuse and Your Faith

August 1, 2012

IFB Pastor Jack Schaap fired for improper relationship

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Schaap is the son-in-law of Hyles Anderson College founder Jack Hyles.  Both men are leaders in the Independent Fundamentalist Baptist community. Hyles Anderson College is the “flagship” college of this movement.

Link to news articles:
Chicago Sun Times

San Francisco Chronicle

January 25, 2012

Long list of information on Hephzibah House & information for survivors

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Blogger Under Much Grace offers a long, helpful list of information sources on Hephzibah House along with information for survivors of abuse at that institution. She also offers Three Things You Can do to Stop the Abuse at Hephzibah House.

January 11, 2012

Vision Forum and Family Integrated Church–what’s Biblical? What’s not?

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Point-by-point analysis article–LINK

January 4, 2012

In defense of Hephzibah House

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In defense of Hephzibah House, a response to all the coverage of alleged abuse at Hephzibah house–link to post.

August 22, 2011

IFB & extended “spiritual spankings”

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From God Discussion, LINK

June 22, 2011

“Escape From Missouri”: What goes on in IFB children’s homes

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Mother Jones Magazine  article discusses “New Beginnings” and “Bethany House” allegations of abuse in the name of the Lord.

Note: To read the article you have to register for the newsletter, then you have access. The article is in the upcoming July edition. I had to read it in a “viewer.” The article begins on page 44.

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