November 8, 2011

Frank Schaeffer: Religion and Child Abuse, Michael Pearl, Dobson, Gothard

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Link to story

August 30, 2011

Duggars headed overseas!

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Rumors have placed the trip as going to Ireland and the United Kingdom, but we’ll have to wait and see when “19 Kids and Counting” returns in a few months.  LINK

Warning signs of possible cult leanings

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Blogger “Commandments of Men”  has posted a great check-list of items that should make anyone stop and think about the group they are involved in. While it is aimed at Christian groups, it links to more generic list as well.  LINK. Here is the more generic list LINK.

May 16, 2011

Meg Mosley and Quiverfull

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Christian Century profiles author Meg Mosley and the Quiverfull movement featured in her new novel, “When Sparrows Fall.” LINK.

April 5, 2011

Blogging the Duggars & Bates at the Cincy Homeschool Convention

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Joyful Homemaking has an account of the Duggars with photos [note: For some reason the link to the photos post doesn’t work. Click HERE for the blog home screen and scroll down to the photos]. Here is the link to the text-only post. Ramblings of the Blonde Mother Bear has posted her account and photos HERE.  “Our Busy Homeschool,” covers DAY ONE and DAY TWO. “Totally Temberton” blogs about seeing the Duggars and several of the Bates family as well in her post HERE. “Being Mirrors” account is HERE.

Your blog” posts HERE about going to the convention and trying to interview one of the Duggars–look for an update later on from this blogger.

Probably more such posts to come. If there are enough, I will do another post.

Keeper of the Home

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Subtitled “Naturally inspired living for the Christian Homemaker” this blog links to green materials, how-tos on natural foods, cloth diaper resources, etc,  as well as encouragement for Quiverfull-minded wives/mothers. Blog “owner” Stephanie is a young, Quiverfull mom. The blog also features contributing writers whose biographies are included.  A Member’s Forum is provided for extended discussions. This link has been added to the WIVES page.

April 1, 2011

“And we were only on the fringe.” Growing up Gothard….

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Growing up Gothard . LINK.

March 31, 2011

Interview with Jim-Bob and Michelle Duggar

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Video Friday Five has video of an interview with Jim-Bob and Michelle Duggar.

The Romanian-Canadian and Ukrainian-American “Duggars”

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While this is not a new article (2008) it does show Quiverfull is more than an American movement. Canada’s Ionce family had 18 children at the time of publication in 2008 LINK.

Also in California the Chernenko family had 17 children in 2005. LINK. At that time they were billed as “the largest family in America.” Now surpassed, of course, by the Duggars and Bates.

March 30, 2011

End of the Season re-cap for “19 Kids and Counting”

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Last night was the season finale. Here the recap. No courtships. No new babies [beyond the one Josh and Anna announced a while back]. There is., however, a tie-in with Vision Forum’s new George Washington Carver documentary.

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