Ex-Quiverfull life stories, QF & Abusive Religion Survivor resources

More Resources are on the ABUSIVE RELIGION page

Life Stories of ex-Quiverfull or other abusive religious groups

Broken Daughters

Homeschooling’s Invisible Children link

No Longer Quivering has an entire tab of “NLQ Stories” detailing how people got into Quiverfull and then back out. Most stories are broken up into multiple posts that appear over time–use the NLQ Stories tab to quickly find the beginning of each story.

Quivering Daughters has both the author’s  [Hillary] story and others.

Quiverfull Sorority of Survivors



Bonshea by Coral Anika Theill [book] Includes her time at the Indianapolis IBLP/ATI Training Center

Fleeing Fundamentalism: A Minister’s Wife Examines Faith [excerpt on Google books] Includes discussion of Bill Gothard’s IBLP/ATI.

Reform at Victory Memoir written by a teen who attended a “locked-down fundamentalist Baptist reform school.”

Quivering Daughters: Hope and Healing for the Daughters of Patriarchy by Hillary McFarland. [see her blog below]

Schizophrenic Christianity by Jeri Massi



Lambs of Hephzibah House by Jeri Massi



The Barnabas Ministry helps people deal with unsatisfying, difficult, unhealthy or abusive church experiences”

Rick Ross Institute “Internet archive of information about cults, destructive cults, controversial groups and movements. The Rick A. Ross Institute of New Jersey (RI) is a nonprofit public resource….”



Babies Duggars and Me

Bay of Fundie Not really a “survivor” blog, but stuff that would likely appeal to most survivors–tags include “Crazy Fundies”

Baptist Women for Equality blog

Baptist Taliban Memoirs [blog] Written by a Bible College graduate who has been active in Church ministry most of her life but is seeing the abuses and writing about them.

Beautiful Disarray–ex Quiverfull daughter

Becoming Worldly ex-Quiverfull daughter

Breaking the Mold [blog] This blog supports the mission of people helping those leaving abusive religion

Broken Flowers of the Catholic Homesteading Movement

Broken Daughters (raised in Quiverfull/Patriarchy)

Christian School Confidential blog related to Bob Gray and  Trinity Christian Academy

Commandments of Men [blog]  “Examining the dark, hyper-fundamentalist side of the Christian faith, including movements such as Patriarchy, Quiverfull, Courtship, Family Integrated Churches, Christian Homeschooling, the Religious Right, and many more.”

The Cult Next Door [blog] Spiritual Abuse-focused blog.

Dark Christianity a discussion board on “A critical and intelligent examination of Dominionist Christianity and its close kin.”

DeTox Church Group

Dispelled: One Girl’s Journey [blog]  ex-daughter of the Quiverfull movement.

Dragonfly Diary Australian Ex-QF Mom

Fallen From Grace blog of an ex-Independent Fundamentalist Baptist pastor

Finding Her Way Includes a page of resources for those leaving QF

From Denim Jumpers to Blue Jeans

Girls of Victory Academy

Grace-Full Living one family’s decent into and escape from legalism.

Hidalgo Grain Company blog discusses Bob Jones University and abuse

Ill-legalism Site supporting recovering legalists

I Name the Patriarchs: The Truth About Full Quiver Families [series of blog posts starts at one forum  and ends here atthe newer blog do a search for “quiver” in the blog’s search box to bring up more articles]

Independent Spirts: Freedom from the Umbrella of Deception website, discussion forum for ex-ATI/IBLP members.

Leaving Fundamentalism [UK blog]

Love, Joy & Feminism (daughter of Quverfull family)

Mabel and Vern is a blog written by a young woman who grew up in an ATI family, but has moved away from legalism.

No Longer Quivering [blog]  by Vyckie Garrison. Blog written by a former Quiverfull wife, mother and activist, now working to educate people about the movement and the harm it can cause.

NGBA: Our Stories New Beginnings/ Rebakah Homes survivors

On Leaving Fundamentalist Christianity

Overcoming Botkin Syndrome  Blog dedicated to: “The dysfunctional dynamics and long-term effects of the teachings of the Botkin Sisters and Vision Forum (Covert/emotional incest, non-sexual but gender related incest intermingled with the the teachings of patriarchy/patriocentricity).”

Project No Spank huge list of links to survivor resources, including religiously-motivated child abuse or abuse religious boot camps or homes.

Quivering Daughters [blog]: Blog written by a daughter of the movement.

Razing Ruth [blog] Blog written by a daughter who has fled of the movement but whose family is still very committed to it. I am putting a line thru this one as it has been questioned as possibly being a fake. The evidence examined points to this. I am leaving the link live though with the precaution that I cannot be sure this is real.

Redheaded Skeptic— ex-wife of Baptist minister, now an atheist writes about leaving Christianity [not necessarily QF, just legalist or abusive religion.]

Religious Movements archive from University of Virginia

Soul Liberty Faith

Spiritual Abuse Awareness

Seelhoff, Cheryl Lindsey (aka “Heart”) writes often about Quiverfull/Right-wing religion at Women’s Space scroll down and, on the left, click on the link to her name. She wrote “I name the Patriarchs” linked elsewhere on this page and used to publish “Gentle Spirit” a magazine aimed at quiverfull mothers.

Slumblog Millionaire blog covers various scandals including  IFB abuse, Hephzibah House, “New Beginnings” and other Christian “homes”  or other organizations accused of child abuse.

Stop Baptist Predators

Submission Tyranny in Church & Society [blog of Author, Waneta Dawn.]

Take Heart Project THP has a 2-fold purpose: to provide support to women and children fleeing abusive religious movements and to provide accurate information to the public on the unique challenges faced by such refugees.

Three in One Makes Five Survivor blog of growing up in a patriarchal Christian home

True Womanhood’s extended discussion of Patriarchy [you will have to read and follow links–this goes on and on and has various threads] Karen Campbell of http://www.thatmom.com was among those involved in this blog.

Under Much Grace –blog on spirtual abuse

Unspoken Words a Message survivor’s blog

Walking in Christ journey of the daughter of a Patriarchal/Courtship family who chose her own fiancee and had to leave her family


FACEBOOK Pages and Other Survivor Forums:

ATI or ATIA Participants or Suvivors

Bob Jones University Gay Survivors FACEBOOK page

Bob Jones University Survivors FACEBOOK page

Bob Jones University Survivors 2

College That’s Strictly Different Chronicle of Higher Education on Pensacola Christian College 

Former Hephzibah Girls Survivors blog

Freedom From Abuse Network ex IFB blog

Hephzibah Girls FACEBOOK page

IBLP Surviors NOTE: All comments are PUBLIC on this page and not many participants

I Survived Going Through the Institute of Basic Life Principles [FACEBOOK page]

Independent Fundamentalist Baptist Cult Survivors

Independent Fundamentalist Baptist (IFB) Cult Surivors and Supporters FACEBOOK page

Independent Fundamentalist Baptist Deception

Independent Fundamentalist Baptist Watchdog Committee helping survivors leave IFB successfully

Network of those abused by the Church NOTE: this blog is from the United Kingdom [Great Britain]

Pensacola Christian College Survivors FACEBOOK page

Rebekah Homes survivors wiki

Remembering the Christian Alamo Roloff Homes  article from Texas Monthly

Student Review of Bob Jones University

Submission Tyranny in Church & Society: The belief that begets domestic violence.

SGM Survivors for those hurt by Sovereign Grace Ministries

Survivors of Independent Fundamentalist Baptist Homes

Survivors of New Bethany Homes for Girls and Boys FACEBOOK page

Survivors of New Bethany

Time to Laugh Blog of ex-Bob Jones staff

The Voice Against ATI/IBLP

Why Not Train A Child? This blog discusses the abuse committed by followers of Michael and Debi Pearl



Bob Jones University IFB Abuse video on youtube

Paradise Recovered



Author Waneta Dawn’s novel, Behind the Hedge,” looks at Christian submissive marriage gone wrong.

When Sparrows Fall, a forthcoming novel by author Meg Moseley provides a fictionalized look into the closed world of ultra-conservative, Quiverfull-minded homeschooling.



Bay of Fundie includes humor

Christian Nightmares

Fundies Say the Darndest Things

Quivers of Men

Stuff Fundies Like humor blog


  1. […] These reside on the page of this blog titled Ex-Quiverfull life stories, Survivor resources […]

  2. Leanne said,

    Oh, my goodness! I am flattered beyond belief to see my [old] blog listed here as a resource!!! More than anything, I am happy to be a resource for those who find themselves in spiritually abusive situations, and encouragement to them to GET THE HECK OUT!!!!! There is life on the other side, and it is dang good….

    • hopewellmomschoolagain said,

      You’re welcome! Which was/is your old blog? I’m keeping this blog neutral because I know people won’t “hear” the truth till they need it. So many people ARE being hurt by these groups.

      • Leanne said,

        My old one was Breaking the Mold – it covered a conglomeration of topics/opinions/etc., but there is a tab at the top detailing my story of surviving spiritual abuse in a church setting.

  3. Bruce said,

    Thanks for the mention. Anything I can do to help please let me know.


    • hopewellmomschoolagain said,

      Thanks for reaching out to people. Please remember this blog is here as a resource, too. Thank you for telling your story.

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