Helpmeets aka wives

Can’t find a resource??

I added a new “Homemaking and Hospitality” page and moved many resources there.


Common Deceptions That Destroy Marriage Oneness

Created to be His Help Meet: Discover How God Can Make Your Marriage Glorious by Debi Pearl

The Excellent Wife by Martha Peace

Home Experience & Home Revolution [NOT a book–a small group ministry by Devi Titus–see her books]

Keepers at Home series

Reclaiming God’s Plan for Women by Nancy Campbell

Sacred Foundation (marriage and homeschooling)

7 Basic Needs of a Husband

Vision Forum’s Tenants of Biblical Patriarchy

Wives: Heart of the Home from Bible Broadcast Network


Prairie Muffin Manifesto


DVDS and CDs

Build a Strong Marriage and an Exciting Home by Nancy Campbell [“teaching CD”]

Monstrous Regiment of Women [dvd] Evils of feminism

Lovely Homes by Nancy Campbell [“teaching CD”]

Marriage Collection SM Davis

Marriage Missions International

Monstrous Regiment of Women [dvd] Evils of feminism

Secrets of Removing Stress from Marriage


MAJOR BLOGS:(authors are nationally known)

Above RubiesNancy Campbell’s blog & magazine [Nancy Campbell is a pioneer in this movement–her blog, writings, dvds are very influential.]

A Christian Home  lots of information here on a variety of topics

Family Discipleship Ministries Michael and Susan Bradrick of the film “Inherit the Land”]

Ladies Against Feminism All things against feminism

Mom’s Corners series by Teri Maxwell, creator  of “Managers of Their Homes”

Passionate Homemaking

Large Family Logistics [the book] link to sale site–no financial benefit for this blogger.

Living the Simple Renaissance formerly Reflecting on the Simple Things  Young Newly-wed wife’s blog [daughter of James/Stacy McDonald]

Tea With Michelle Duggar [dvd] link to sale site–no financial gain from this link for the blogger.

Time-Warp Wife  [blog of the author of  “But for the Grace of God,” Darlene Schact]

A Wise Woman Builds Her Home

Your Sacred Calling by Stacy McDonald [author of influential books listed elsewhere on this blog]



At the Well Encouragement blog

The Excellent Wife not Quiverfull, but still appropriate

Generous Wife Encouragement blog

A Godly Homemaker

God’s Word to Women a blog-Bible Study of God’s messages to women.

Hope Road posts on marriage, femininity, etc

Keeper of the Home [emphasis Christian, green, natural, etc] Blog of a young QF-minded wife/Mom

Kindred Spirits ” is an internet ministry which is intended to lead Christian women in the spirit of Titus 2:3-5.”

Living Sacrifice–Quiverfull wife and mother has an interesting “Help Meet Cheat Sheet” post for wives LINK

Noble Womanhood

Radiant Purity and True Beauty “Encouraging” blog

Renewing Housewives

Out of the Nest and Beyond  “ Equipping and Encouraging Women”

Passionate Homemaking young wife/mother

Titus 2 Homekeepers Encouraging blog

Training Daughters, Teaching Wives

Visionary Womanhood

Virtuous Woman



Beth Moore on Submission

Does God Command Wives to Obey?

Submission is not obedience

The Tragic Trap of Christian Marriage

What does Submit in Everything Really Mean? by Steven Tracy (academic paper)

Wife’s Submission includes a Bible study of submission and helpmeet to fully understand what the Bible really says

Women Submit! Christians & Domestic Violence


Other (Against) books, articles & blogs:

Christianity & Incest by Imbens & Jonker [available used]

No Will of My Own: How Patriarchy Smothers Female Dignity & Personhood by Jon H. Zens

Submission Tyranny in Church & Society [blog of Author, Waneta Dawn see her novel below]

Sweeping the Cobwebs “Sweeping the Cobwebs is dedicated to exposing lies and injustices by self-proclaimed Titus 2 mentors and wannabes.”

Woman this is WAR by Jocelyn Anderson [her blog Woman Submit! is linked else where on this page]



Author Waneta Dawn’s novel, Behind the Hedge,” looks at Christian submissive marriage gone wrong.

When Sparrows Fall, a forthcoming novel by author Meg Moseley provides a fictionalized look into the closed world of ultra-conservative, Quiverfull-minded homeschooling.

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