Modesty & Modest Clothing, patterns, retailers

The Beautiful Woman by Nancy Campbell [“teaching CD”]

Beauty from the Heart [blog on modesty]

Christian Charm School (social graces curriculum)

Empowered Traditionalist modest fashion [may be too worldly for some]

Feelin’ Feminine blog and magazine

Feminine by Design by Scott Brown

Is This Modest?

Lost Art of True Beauty by Leslie Ludy

Mixed Message of Modesty by from Plain Truth Magazine, Winter 2009
Modesty discussion @ A Christian Home [also links]

Modesty Lapbook girls lapbook project guide

Modesty: God, My Heart and Clothes
[multipart links are available on the blog to the other parts]

Moms for Modesty

Pure Freedom Danna Gresh

Pure Modesty “resources for nurturing Biblical Femininity”

She Shall Be Called Woman blog with lots of thoughts on modesty.

Teaching Girls the Truth about Modesty & Purity [cd] by Leslie Ludy &  Danna Gresh

Women of Christian Modesty


ETSY is a great resource for all things modest, for cloth diapers/cover, head coverings, etc. SEARCH SUGGESTION: Click on CLOTHING and in the box type MODEST.

One such Etsy shop is MENONITE MOM



Breast feeding privacy cape and other FREE downloadable patterns

Christian Coverings Sewing patterns and retail of all types of head coverings and some modest clothing.

Common Sense Patterns

Ellie Inspired

Kathy’s Modest Sewing Patterns

Little Flower sewing patterns for simple, modest old-fashioned clothing.

Modest Clothing Patterns directory a list of modest clothing pattern sellers

Modest Fashion Bloggers Network “a one-stop site for all your fashion inspiration, as well as a place where you can find modest apparel and more ” [Some links may be too worldly for some]

Modest HandMaidens Sewing Patterns

Ringger Clothing Modest sewing patterns and modest clothing.

Sense and Sensibility Patterns: Vintage [historical] clothing & modest dress patterns from Jennie Chancey

Sew Blessed Designs fashionable modest girl’s clothing designed by a mom whose work has been shown in national sewing magazines. Her blog also has lots of sewing tutorials.

Sew Lady Like Vintage patterns and modest everyday dress patterns & some ready-made items. Includes undergarments and head coverings.

Quick Stitches sewing patterns for girls/ladies culottes and ladies swim dresses.


Modest Clothing retailers:

April Cornell Includes matching Mommy & Me outfits mostly modest styles

As Lillies Clothing by a Stay-at-home-daughter

Candle on the Hill  includes regular & plus size, maternity, underclothing, diaper and men/boys patterns.

A Christian Home’s SUBSTANTIAL LISTING of modest clothing sellers

Cover Your Hair! sells things to cover hair–for babies on up

Divine ModesTee HIGH neck tshirts, camisoles  & other modest young  ladies clothing

Dressing for His Glory girls and women’s (including plus sizes) skirts, culottes, skorts and swimwear


Graceful Threads

Halftee  1/2 tshit to make tops more modest without bulk or heat

Hannah Anderson modern modest clothing for children and women

Hannah Lise modest girls and women’s clothing

J Jill Contemporary modest dresses for women

Jumpin Bloomers Prairie/Country Style clothing

King’s Daughters

Lillies of the Field girls/women’s modest clothing, including swimwear

Mending Modesty custom skirts

Modest Apparel USA

Modest Chicks Modest girls skirts

Modest Clothing directory at A Christian Home directory of ready made modest clothing

Modest Moms Custom maternity and women’s clothing.

Modestly Modest perschool size skirts, slips, bloomers and other items

New Creating Women’s Apparel Include nightware and maternity skirts

Ringger Clothing Modest sewing patterns and modest clothing.

Sowers of Hope Etsy shop with headcoverings

Still Kids Clothing modest kids clothes

Sunday’s Best classic children’s clothing

Tznius Modest clothing and headcoverings

Wholesome Wear modest swim wear, these are the swim wear the Duggar girls wear


  1. Kim Harris said,

    Please include my modest shop.

  2. hopewellmomschoolagain said,

    Consider it done! I live near Cincy so happy to support a local independent business anyway, but am also happy to get the word out to Moms who may need your service.

  3. jenny said,

    I would love to be included in this list. I sell handmade girls dresses and cape dresses on etsy.

  4. Hello there!
    We are a company from Utah specializing in layering pieces that expand wardrobes for women and girls started by 2 women who wanted to create a product that would promote modesty and help women and girls feel comfortable in today’s latest fashions, as well as extend wardrobes in these tough economic times. It’s called Halftee (check us out on the web at or

    • hopewellmomschoolagain said,

      I’ll add you, but due to the photos showing bare midriff I’ll add a short explanation of the product and it’s use so they don’t think I’ve lost it and put in something immodest! Hope you understand!


  5. modestchicks said,


    Please delete my modestchicks shop (website) and replace it with my Etsy shop (modest skirts and dresses for girls). I no longer have the website. Etsy is much better! Thanks!

    Kim Harris

    • hopewellmomschoolagain said,

      Thanks for letting me know. I’ve made the change. CUTE stuff you’ve got! Too bad I don’t have little ones anymore!


  6. […] Modesty Articles – A Quiver Full of Information […]

  7. Corinne said,

    Hi! I also have an Esty shop specializing in modest clothing for preschool-age girls. I’d love to be included on this list!

    • hopewellmomschoolagain said,

      No problem. I’ll get it added this week and let you know when it’s up. Thanks


    • hopewellmomschoolagain said,

      Your link is now up.


  8. Lisa Brown said,

    I wanna let you know about our site They sell modest women’s clothing regular and plus size (XS-4X) at discounted prices. I especially like their plus sizes, they have many colors and designs and are perfect for any occasion.
    I would definitely recommend you include this site on your list.

    • hopewellmomschoolagain said,

      Thanks! I’ll take a look and post it when I have time.


  9. Emilia said,

    Check out this site for cute, modest skirts, which also help a good cause –

    It’s great to know I’m not alone in this endless search for modest clothing – thanks for sharing your tips and findings!

  10. Barbra said,

    great site for modest clothing, haircovering and modest swimwear. all by israeli women fashion designers-

  11. Amy Frank said,

    please include my modest ladies blog. It is for any Christian lady that believe in dressing modest and feminine and believes in being a Keeper at Home. I want to make a safe place for ladies there to pray, exchange ideas for modest ladies dress, even recipes etc.

  12. elizabethmorgan513 said,


    Could you please include our shop as well?

  13. Delmas said,


    I don’t know if you ever add to your list, but please consider adding Gehman’s Country Fabrics and More! We are a family-owned fabric and modest clothing store in Lebanon, PA. We offer quality Tropical Breeze, Mook, and Country Rose fabrics, conservative Mennonite cape dresses, ready-made modest dresses for women and girls, modest slips and dress patterns, knee high socks, and a growing variety of sewing notions. Our products are also sold online at

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