Pro-Quiverfull/Pro-ATI blogs, QF/ATI Family Blogs, web sites, publications

NOTE: The Duggar family of “19 Kids and Counting” on TLC has their own page on this blog.


Yes, They’re All Ours by Rick and Marilyn Boyer [see blog below]


Moore Family Films produce life-style documentaries on living the Quiverfull and/or Bible-centered, home schooling life.


ArrowCollectors Directory of Quiverfull Families  [Membership Required] All things Quiverfull with an eye to encouraging potential adherents to the Quiverfull philosophy and way of life. Unabashedly 100% Pro-full quiver!


Birthing a Quiverfull Family blog & links to home birth supplies links to pro-Quiverfull and Right to Life-related pages

Blessed Arrows This site bills itself as a “sterilization reversal ministry” that raises money, locates doctors and in other ways ministers to families seeking reversal of vasectomy or tubal ligation.

Chanlcedon Foundation

Ladies Against Feminism All things against feminism

Steadfast Daughters in a Quivering World [response to the book Quivering Daughters by Hillary McFarland] Contributors include Stacy McDonald


NOTE: The Duggar family of “19 Kids and Counting” on TLC has their own page on this blog.

ATI Family [a family’s blog] and their OLD site  Adventures in ATI: An ATI Family Blog

Ahlgrens— young QF couple starting life, building home etc.

All My Arrows

Amaral Family -young QF couple

Ants on a Farm ATI family blog

Are They All Yours?

Ark Family a young quiverfull family

Arndt Family 13 sons and one daughter

Bates Family Friends of the Duggars who have been on their tv show. The blog is just a “presence” no content yet [almost a year now of no content]

Bates Family interviewed on ABC Print story link

Bates Large Family Logistics at Wise Woman Builds Her Home blog

Battleground of the Kilpatrick Tribe

Birthing a Quiverfull

Bittner Family

Blessings of a Big Family!

Blessings of Children

Botranger Family Singers Family of 12 this is their singing group’s web site. Here is the blog

Bortel family [older blog post only] additional link HERE

Boyer Family A Virginia family of  14 mostly grown children, pioneers in the homeschooling movement, Rick and Marilyn Boyer have an online homeschool supply company and produce many products for like-minded families.

Burnett Family works for ATI

Chatham family

Cochran family

Cole Family: An Army for the Lord

Corduan family [very out-of-date]

A Cord of Many Strands is the blog of young QF couple engaged in Church ministry.

The Day’s Dewings is a family running a catering company.

Dortignac family another large Quiverfull family with a bus.

The Family Cochran

Fortune Family

Full Quiver Farm

Full Quiver Mission

Gillaspie Family

Generation Cedar

God’s Plan for Families Blog of a woman who lost a baby, nearly died but still lets God decide her family’s size.

Gillaspie Family Not many children and apparently only one at home, but IBLP supporters.

Googeg Family

Heart of the Home

Heppner Family QF but not necessarily ATI- They were on TLC’s “Kids By the Dozen” several years ago.

Hickhappinins ATI family

ATI Review at Homeschool Rewards

Homestead Livin With Christ  ATI family

Homesteading by Faith

Hynes Family

Jeub Family This family was on a TLC special “Kids by the Dozen” a few years back. They have self-published a few books including a Quiverfull Story “Arrows in His Hand.

Joel’s Journey 13 kids

John Marshall family a family who perform music together

El Roi is all I need and more   ATI family

Large Families on Purpose Shupe family

Large Family Mothering Blog by Mother o f 15 children

Legend of Thousand Hills 9 children so far

Life at Providence Lodge Quiverfull life off the grid with 8 kids so far.

Life With a Quiverfull Family–the Jeub Family

Luv My Arrows

Mally Family Authors of  Making Brothers & Sisters Best Friends and Before You Meet Prince Charming

Mama Archer’s Blog here also is a link to her Quiverfull Story

Martin Palooza ATI Family blog

Maxwell Family The sing and produce the successful “Managers of their homes” and “Managers of their schools” scheduling product and the Chore Packs wearable chore lists for children. one son is a very conservative wedding photographer. [Read his “rules”]

McDonald Family Singers

Mitton Clan

Morgan Family Journal

Morton Clan

Mueller Family

Muncks Quiver  

My father’s sheep Using ATI Wisdom booklets and other matters

My life as a help meet & homeschooling Mom of many

My Manna Land blog that includes a post on “Why I Quiver”

Neely Family

Nelson Family ATI family

Noble Family Father is presents seminars for ATI [Bill Gothard]. They currently have 10 children.

Our Joyful Living

Owen Family  young couple, street preachers

Paine Family This family serves at the Institute of Basic Life Principles [Bill Gothard] HeadQuarters in the Chicago suburbs.

Paratus Familia survivalist-minded agrarian family

Pierpont Family

Poff Family

Plymouth Rock Ranch Building their own home as they can.

Old Paths Mom

Pasco Life (Roberts family)

Quiver Full of Kids Family in rural Alaska with 9 kids

Raising Arrows

Raising Entrepreneurs–A Model for Family Success (See also the Stelzl family below. The father produces this blog.)

Raising Olives

Raising a Quiver Full Young, growing family

Reflecting on the Simple Things  Young wife’s blog [daughter of James/Stacey McDonald]

Richard F. Shoemaker III young man’s blog

Rodrigues Family

Sending out Arrows

Serving the Lord together  Young QF couple

Smockity Frocks [About Me has her Quiverfull story]

Staddon Family-

Stelzl Family

Treasures from a Shoebox family with 10 children

Waller Family (soon-to-be in-laws of Anna Duggar’s sister, Priscilla Keller)

Waltman Family

Whaley Family

Wilkes Family

Wissman family

Working on a Full House Up-and-Growing Quiverfull family


  1. Raquel said,


    Here are 2 other quiverfull families you may be interested in. Both were featured on TLC’s “Kid’s By The Dozen”.

    There is also the Heppner Family, but I don’t have their site memorized.

    Good Luck building this page!


  2. hopewellmomschoolagain said,


  3. Mom of Many said,

    Thank you for the mention!

  4. Emma said,

    Hi were an ATI quiverfull family at 🙂

  5. Thank you for mentioning my blog!

  6. Sherry Hayes said,

    I have a new Homeschooling book called, Home School Sanity, that I wanted to mention to your readers that can be found on my blog,, Large Family Mothering.

    Here is a small portion of what I have included in Homeschool Sanity’s 160 pages:

    An overview of the different methodologies of homeschooling
    A brief history of education in America
    Reading and literature

    No fancy psycho-anything here. I have rediscovered precisely why things used to work, and why they are so very broken today. I hope to lead the way into a fresh attempt to bring back the best of the past in order to prepare our children for the best future possible.

    In essence, I have tried to make learning the “old” ways as convenient as possible for our modern lifestyles.

    This is why you will find many nifty charts and templates ready for your use. You will discover a catalog of successful methodologies for your own re-education. If you are like me, you will not feel tired and anxious after you read my book; you will be refreshed and filled with real hope!



  7. Mrs. M said,

    Another is

  8. JC said, – they don’t work for ATI, they are just a family that has some involvement with ATI.

  9. serving the lord together said,

    Hello! I’m honored that you would associate us with some of these families, however, I have no idea how you found our blog and since I’ve never really heard of the “quiverfull movement” before I don’t see how we can be counted as a qf family. I would like you to please remove our blog from the above list.

    • hopewellmomschoolagain said,

      Sorry, I just found this comment in my spam. I’ll remove you if you give me the name of your blog please.

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