Raising Daughters & Stay at Home Daughter (SAHD) blogs

Resources that discuss, critique or analyze  the treatment, education and training of Quiverfull daughters:

Breaking Their Will: Shedding Light on Religious Child Maltreatment (book) by Janet Heimlich

An overview of how the QF Movement raises daughters can be found in THAT MOM’s Raising Homeschooled Daughters series.

The Making of a Help Meet [NOTE: The owner of this blog is the author of this post.]

O Magazine on Father-Daughter Purity Balls

Purity Movement: Life in a Jar (includes links to videos on Purity Balls)

Would You Pledge Your Virginity to Your Father? From Glamour magazine

Dominionism and Child Abuse multi part discussion–parts are linked in the article

Religious Child Maltreatment blog

The Virgin Daughters (documentary on Purity movement & purity balls) also on youtube and other online video sources


PRO-Quiverfull Daughter resources:

BOOKS, articles  and Other resources for “training” daughters or future wives/mothers

Beautiful Girlhood by Karen Andreola Note: Andreola is not the author, but the “editor” or “reviser” of this classic book.

Books for Young Maidens list at the blog “Visionary Womanhood”

Bright Lights group for girls 10-13 stressing Godliness etc Created by the Mally family [“Before you meet your prince Charming”]

Bringing Up Girls
by James Dobson

Christian Charm School (Social graces curriculum)

Crossroads of Character by Kate Boyer Brown and Marilyn Boyer [see their blog on the Pro-QF page]

Daddy Dates by Greg Wright book for fathers/daughters

Daughters of Vision [also a Courtship story]
Draw2Thee Adult daughter of ATI ALERT Commander, also chalk artist and other things.

The Family Daughter by Sarah L. Bryant

Far Above Rubies ATI Mother/Daughter Curriculum [ATI Membership may be necessary]

Father Knows Best article on Purity Balls, courtship etc

Feminine by Design by Scott Brown

Future Christian Homemakers “Teaching girls to become  successful homemakers.”

God’s P31 Princess (Mother-Daughter Bible Study ) [NOTE: May be too worldly or liberal for some families, but looks adaptable]

Home Making 101 (will be a dvd series–link is to vol. 1)

Homestead Blessings (multi-volume homemaking/gardening/herb dvd set)

How to Be God’s Little Princess  by Sheila Walsh

How to Evaluate a Suitor by Doug Phillips http://cd

Issacharian Daughters

Joyfully Home by Jasmine Baucham [book] link is to sales sight–no financial benefit is gained by this blogger for providing the link

Keeping House…While Keeping Sane [link is to sales site] Book by a stay-at-home-daughter

Keeping Home Includes help with virtuous weddings.

The King’s Blooming Rose, a magazine for ages 12 and up.

Mom’s Corners series by Teri Maxwell, creator of “Managers of Their Homes”

Monstrous Regiment of Women [dvd] Evils of feminism

The New Christian Charm Course by Emily Hunter

One Lucky Lady (on purity)

Polished Cornerstones book/curriculum link is to sales page with sample Chapter in PDF

Princess and the Kiss  by Jennie Bishop [book, Bible Study]

Princess and the Three Knights by Karen Kingsbury

Pure Freedom Danna Gresh

Pure in Heart conference for girls 7-12

Purity Ball [Colorado Springs] A Father-Daughter event held annually.

Raising Homemakers blog on raising daughters to be homemakers

Raising Maidens of Virtue [book] by Stacy McDonald Link is to sales site.

Set Apart Femininity by Leslie Ludy

Set Apart Girl by Leslie Ludy

Silver Ring Thing promotes the message of abstinence until marriage centered in a relationship with Jesus Christ

Steadfast Daughters in a Quivering World [response to the book Quivering Daughters by Hillary McFarland] Contributors include Stacy McDonald

So Much More by Anna Sophia and Elizabeth Botkin [see also the Botkins page on this blog] link is to sale page–no financial benefit gained from providing this, or any other, link

Stay Close Little Girl, Words of Love for Fathers /Daughters by Karen Kingsbury

Strength and Dignity for Daughters by the Botkin sisters  [cd]

Teen Beauty Tips…True Beauty in Christ  [may be too worldly for some]

Teaching Girls the Truth about Modesty & Purity [cd] by Leslie Ludy & Danna Gresh

Training Dominion-Oriented Daughters [dvd] by Geoffrey Botkin

Training Our Daughters to be Keepers at Home by Ann Ward [book]

True Beauty: Cultivating Christ-Centered Father-Daughter Relationships [cds]

Unofficial Training Our Daughters to be Keepers at Home Site

Virtuous Girlhood “Encouraging the Next Generation of Young Girls and Women”

Vision Forum’s Tenants of Biblical Patriarchy

What are you Waiting For? [book]  by Danna Gresh (discusses you-know-what or “physical marital relations”–sorry don’t want spam so  I’ll just call it that)

What is Biblical Feminity? Cultivating Sturdy  Virtue in Our Daughters by the Botkin sisters [dvd] link is to sales site.

What Our Father Taught Us by Anna Sophia and Elizabeth Issac, David and Ben Botkin

Young Lady’s Guide to the Harmonious Development of Christian Character by Harvey Newcomb


OTHER: (Critical of or against Quiverfull)

Critique of the Stay at Home Daughters Movement by the blogger at “Old Testament Studies”

Dispelled: One Girl’s Journey in a Home School Cult survivor story

The Making of a Help Meet

Blogger “Commandments of Men” takes a critical look at Vision Forum’s “Father Daughter Retreats”


Blogs by Moms and other Adults:

Moms for Modesty

Training Daughters, Teaching Wives

Wise Woman Builds Her Home [a Mom’s blog but with many posts on raising daughters]



Ah, the Life

As Lillies

Aspiring Homemaker [an African American daughter at home]

Barn Gals

Being Virtuous Women

Blessed Femina

Bowl of Moss and Pebbles

By Grace Alone [sort of a daughter AND family blog]

Chelsey’s Blog

Dear Future Husband

Daughter’s Heart

Devoted Daughter

Every Thought Captive

Fashionably Modest Patterns While it’s a sewing pattern shop, this blog also has a journal entries of “a day in my life” from readers–nearly all of whom are Quiverfull daughters.

Feminine Farmgirl

Feminine Redneck [daughter of Pro-QF blog Life at Providence Lodge]

Femininity in a Feminist World

Fifi’s Memories ATI daughter

Firmly Fixed on the Father Author describes her Dad as a “knight in shinning armour.”

Follow in His Steps

For Christ My King

Forever His Servant

From Under my Little Umbrella

God’s Girl Gracie Friend of the Duggars–do her parents realize her blog is public?? [They do now]

Grace Notes by Grace Mally

Handmaidens of the Shepherd “seek[s] to hereby encourage young ladies toward Biblical femininity and womanhood”

Homemaker’s Daughter

Homemaker’s Mentor

Honoring Daddy

I’m His Servant former Character First employee

In His Time

Jessica Nicole McDonald [daughter of James and Stacey]

Joyfully Home [Vision Forum’s Voddie Bauchman’s daughter Jasmine]

Loving the Lord

Maidens of Virtue

Maidens of Worth

My Life… daughter in an ATI family

One Bright Corner [pre-courtship]

Practically Pink Stay at home daughter blog

Pearl’s Gleanings

Princesses in Disguise

Proverbs 31 Maiden

Serving at Home

Seven Sisters

Simply Sanctified Young Woman working for ATI


Stay-at-Home Daughter Facebook page

Striving to Serve at Home [also courtship]

Teaching Good Things see the “Skills for Gals” page

True Femininity

Young Homemakers A blog aiming to help young homemakers


  1. Howdy,

    This is Barbara, the writer of For Christ my King. I had noticed that people were visiting my blog from this site, so I decided to check it out myself. Very cool! Thank you so much for encouraging mothers, fathers, and daughters in godly living! I am an ATI daughter who has graduated but is still under my parent’s wing. (and GLAD to be there!) What a joy to see God’s Word in action! Thank you much!


  2. […] cannot escape the reality that dutiful daughters of Christian Patriarchy do exist. Heck, they even blog. I used to be one of them. For nearly twenty years, I was a dutiful daughter of patriarchy, and […]

  3. jaym said,

    Nice post and very interesting. i like it.

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