Raising Sons & Son of QF family blogs

Critical resources:

Breaking Their Will: Shedding Light on Religious Child Maltreatment (book) by Janet Heimlich

Dominionism and Child Abuse multi part discussion–parts are linked in the article

Religious Child Maltreatment blog

Pro-Quiverfull Resources:

Be Safe, Little Boy: Words of Love for Moms/Sons by Karen Kingsbury

Boys Protect Girls by R.C. Sproul

Created for Work: Practical Insights for Young Men by Bob Schultz

Crossroads of Character by Kate Boyer Brown and Marilyn Boyer [see their blog on the Pro-QF page]

God’s Gift to Women by Eric Ludy

One Lucky Lady (on purity)

Plants Grow Up link is to sales page with sample chapter in PDF

Preparing Boys for Battle by Scott Brown

Preparing Sons by Steve Maxwell–sales page

Raising a Modern Day Knight book/curriculum etc

Raising Entrepreneurs–A Model for Family Success

Raising Real Men link is to sales page. See blog below.

Teaching Good Things see the “Skills for Guys” page

Vision Forum’s Tenants of Biblical Patriarchy

Vision Forum [more later] They have numerous books for fathers on raising sons or discipling a family


Father to Son by Geoffrey Botkin

Franklin Springs Media has a number of titles , including their Young Men Pack of dvds

League of Grateful Sons by Geoffrey Botkin



ALERT Cadets ATI/IBLP boys/young men program

Bold Christian Living blog of Jonathan Lindvall

Camp Trains Young Men to Help news story with film on ALERT

Dad’s Corners series  by Steve Maxwell

Homeschooling Boys (dot) com by Jonathan Lindvall

How I Have Helped My Boys to Become Christian Men

Royal Rangers a Christian scouting-type organization

Silver Ring Thing promotes the message of abstinence until marriage centered in a relationship with Jesus Christ
Whetstone Ministries father-son events and camping trips, etc

What to do With Boys 5 part post–linked in the right sidebar on this blog



Raising Real Men blog on raising sons



It’s All About Perpective blog by an ATI staffer/ATI son of ATI HQ Executive.

Josiah Jost’s blog

An Open Door of Opportunity [son of the same family as “It’s All About Perspective”]

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