October 11, 2011

New blog for Quiverfull wives and mothers: Living Sacrifice

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Mrs. E. as she calls herself, blogs at Living Sacrifice and offers positive encouragement for Quiverfull wives and mothers. Among her posts is a long, detailed “Help Meet Cheat Sheet” for wives.

NOTE: The link has been added to the “Helpmeet aka wives” page. I hope Mrs. E. will allow it to stay posted. Another pro-Quiverful blogger recently requested her link be removed. Considering I get emails all the time asking for more positive views of the Quiverfull life, I found this a sad request.

June 30, 2011

Online forum and other resources for Debi Pearl’s Preparing to be A Help Meet

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Readers can use the site to ask questions, post testimony, watch the Pear’s youtube videos and much more. LINK.

This will be added to the courtship page when I have time.