March 30, 2011

Ken Ham Stomps GHC in recent poll

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Blogger Bible-Science Guy reports on a poll showing Ken Ham way out in front of the Great Homeschool Convention in a recent poll.

March 24, 2011

Ken Ham invitation to speak revoked

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The powers-that-be of the upcoming Great Homeschool Convention has revoked their invitation to Answers in Genesis founder and creator of the Creation Museum, Ken Ham.  Ham spoke out against the theology in Jay Wile’s Apologia science texts. Both “Answers in Genesis” and Apologia are very popular with right-wing Christian homeschoolers. The Duggars, of “19 Kids and Counting” actively promote  “Answers in Genesis” and the Creation Museum thru their show and web site. Apologia is a best-selling college-prep science program very widely used among  Christian homeschoolers  of all political views. This post may be updated if additional coverage appears that adds to the story significantly.

Great Homeschool Conference Statement here.

Answers in Genesis Statement here. Includes links to statements by Ken Ham on this matter.

Dr. Jay Wile’s post on Ham’s statements Link to another post by Jay Wile.

Blogger THAT MOM’s post “Is this the beginning of the homeschool wars?”

Blogger Happy Housewife on the controversy.