October 27, 2011

CNN interviews Michael Pearl

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Interview with controversial Christian child “training” guru, Michael Pearl.  Link to Video

July 15, 2011

Training Up this Child: A Survivor looks back at a QF childhood

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Blogger Broken Daughters discusses growing up in a Patriarchal home under Pearl-inspired discipline.  There are many parts to this story, so I am linking to part I.

I have added her blog and the blog Love Joy & Feminism (by “LibbyAnne”) to the Ex-Quiverfull resources and will later add them to the daughter page as well.

July 9, 2011

THAT MOM reviews “Created to Be His Helpmeet”

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When time allows I will be adding a page on the Pearls, till then here is Karen Campbell (aka blogger “That Mom”) on Debi Pearl’s preparation for marriage book, Created to be his Helpmeet.

June 30, 2011

Comprehensive Review of Michael/Debi Pearls’ Child Training

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Parenting in the Name of God: No Greater Joy Ministries and the Bible link   Free e-book that examines, point by point, the Pearl’s teachings.

For those unfamiliar with the Pearls I will be building a new page about them & their child training book “To Train Up A Child,” which has been found to be a book-of-choice for parents in at least two deaths of children being “trained” by the Pearl’s methods. Other people see the Pearl’s as teaching Godly discipline and child training techniques. They advocate spanking and breaking the will to disobey.

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