January 20, 2011

10 Truths about the man you marry by Darcy

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In response to the idealistic notions of who or what a husband should be put about by many Patriarchal/Quiverfull parents and daughters, blogger Darcy’s Heart-Stirrings offers this list of 10 Truths About the Man You Marry.

An example, posted previously on this blog, is the list of James McDonald posted on his wife’s blog LINK

August 18, 2010

Quiverfull? Egyptian Singles? What could they have in common? A lot….

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Last night, NPR ran a story about the struggle to marry in Egypt. So many similarities with young adults in Quiverfull families so here is the link. You can read a transcript or listen to the story. Here, too, is a link to the book mentioned in the story