Botkin Sisters & “Botkin Syndrome”, Visionary Daughters

The Botkin Sisters themselves:

Visionary Daughters [official web site of Anna Sophia and Elizabeth Botkin]

Interview at the blog “Featured Femina”

Interview at blog “True Womanhood in the New Millennium”

What Our Father Taught Us by Anna Sophia and Elizabeth Issac, David and Ben Botkin


Others discussing the Botkin Sisters:

Christian Betrothal: The Marriage Crisis

Emotional Abuse and Your Faith: Botkin Sisters: Feminists or Helpmeets

House Proud BITCH magazine on Stay at Home Daughters

Intersection of Madness & Reality: The Christian Patriarchy Movement & “Stay At Home Daughters”

Letter to Botkins from a young woman who tried to follow their advice.

Losing Your LIfe  B
Blogger discusses two Botkins’ posts on marriage–with links to the posts.

Overcoming Botkin Syndrome  Blog dedicated to: “The dysfunctional dynamics and long-term effects of the teachings of the Botkin Sisters and Vision Forum (Covert/emotional incest, non-sexual but gender related incest intermingled with the the teachings of patriarchy/patriocentricity).”

So Much More…Than What God Requires? Blogger Charity Grace discusses the Botkins and their book.

Subterfuge blog on the Botkins

Women of the Stay at Home Daughters Movement @ jezebel


Facebook page Anna Sophia & Elizabeth Botkin community page

Vision Forum’s Doug Phillips: Saturday Online Mentoring With Geoffrey Botkin

Their father, Geoffrey Botkin’s site  Western Conservatory

Cult Education Forum post on Geoff Botkin

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