Vision Forum: Pro & Con

Vision Forum closed in November 2013 following Doug Phillip’s resignation. See the posts of this blog for more details.

ProVision Forum & official sites:

Generations With Vision (Kevin Swanson’s blog)

James and Stacy McDonald: The Real Story blog in favor of the McDonalds

The Tenants of Biblical Patriarchy (from Vision Forum)

Vision Forum (official site)

Vision Forum’s Doug Phillip’s Blog

Voddie Bauchman’s blog

Family Reformation James McDonald’s site

Jessica’s blog [Jessica McDonald, daughter of James/Stacy]

Living the Simple Renaissance formerly Reflecting on the Simple Things  Young Newly-weds’ blog [daughter & son-in-law of James/Stacy McDonald]

Anti-VF sites or articles

Angie the Anti-Theist Vision Forum Post
Daddy’s Girls in Vision Forum

Creepy Christian Patriarchy Movement Shackles Daughters to their Fathers and Homes

Doug Phillips–New Paganism? by Don Veinot

Examining the Premises of the Patriarchal Promises by Don Veinot [see also: “Who Will be First in the Kingdom” below]

Jen’s Gems LINK I LINK 2Vision Forum leader’s abuse

Life in Perfect by Semper Eadem [satire]

Rethinking Vision Forum

Sure You Want to Support Vision Forum? by E. Stephen Burnett

Who is Affiliated With Vision Forum?

Who Will Be First in the Kingdom? by Don & Joy Veinot

Vision Forum: The Giant of the Christian Patriarchy Movement by blogger Free Methodist Feminist

Blogger “Commandments of Men” takes a critical look at Vision Forum’s “Father Daughter Retreats”


  1. Thanks for the link. However, the one you have here appears to be corrupted. The correct link is

    • hopewellmomschoolagain said,

      Thanks–I corrected it. Feel free to tell me if there are others–or other sites I need to include.

  2. Could you add to this list?

  3. thulgelty said,

    Congratulazioni, un’ottima idea e per tempo

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